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Reserves are open!

Applications are open!!
Before reserving, please check the taken lists # A-L, M-Z or even drops in case for some reason we're not finished updating by the time you come around!

To reserve a character, please copy and paste the form inside the textbox into a comment, filling in the appropriate information. You do not need to reserve a character in order to app them.

Effective 3/9/11, All reserves will last for one week, with a possible one week extension. An extension will not be granted if there is someone else who wishes to app the same character. Challenges for reserves will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Any player that wishes to request an extension must either leave a comment under their original reserve or PM the mods.

*Reserves made after November 17th, 2011 please use this format*
**DD/MM/2011 is seven days from the date you applied. That will be your reserve date. It will be double checked before it is posted of course.**

Character: Jade Harley
Expires: 18/01/2012
Tags: reserved

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